Marieke Dankbaar

Lawyer, Partner

Marieke Dankbaar has been a member of the team at Pot Jonker Advocaten since 1999, as both a public law specialist and as a partner. Her career started at the office of the Municipal Ombudsman of Amsterdam, at which she specialised in the public side of law. Marieke advises governments, companies and (healthcare) institutions, focusing in particular on environmental law, administrative (procedural) law and municipal law. From this skillset, she handles questions about permits, spatial planning, zoning and environmental plans, the environment, administrative law enforcement and subsidies. In addition, she has extensive expertise in public order and safety, funding issues and European administrative law, including state aid and the distribution of scarce rights.

Specialist expertise

  • Environmental Law
  • General Administrative (procedural) Law
  • Municipal Law

Background and related activities

  • Specialisation in General Administrative Law, Grotius Academie
  • Specialisation in Public Construction Law, Institute of Construction Law
  • Specialisation in Spatial Planning and Environmental Law, Grotius Academie
  • Member of the Dutch Association of Construction Law Lawyers
  • Member of the Dutch Association of Administrative Law
  • Board Member of the Haarlem Hospice Group
  • Administrative Law Department Coordinator, Netlaw Academy
  • Lecturer in Administrative Law and Professional Training for Corporate Lawyers
  • Board Member at Netlaw
  • Lecturer in Administrative Litigation and Professional Training, Dutch Bar Association
  • Member of the Disputes Commission at ‘Eigen Haard’ Housing Corporation
  • Member of the Objections Committee at the Netherlands Central Housing Fund